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Perfume & Cologne Body Oils
Perfume & Cologne Body Oils
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While fragrance oils are (currently) less popular than spray-on perfumes, their popularity is rising quickly. Oils are more concentrated with less fillers, stick to your skin longer and don't contain dehydrating chemicals. When you spray on an alcohol-based perfume, do you know what chemicals your skin is absorbing?

Oils interact with a person's PH and chemical balance differently.



Soooooooo..Good Thank you

Anita M.
Los Angeles, CA

I read the art of living by Imani Muhammad, I have to say its a great read. Imani's thought provoking guide is not just thought provoking but also empowering. She definitely dropped some jewels in there...After reading it for the first time, it made me stop and really look at my life from a different lense. I recommend this great tool for anyone who wants to do better in life but may not know where to start. 

Stanley Eugene

Great potency, quick delivery and got some free toothpaste.

Javelin H.

I Love it!! I believe I love it even
more than the Shea Butter! 

Hazel J.

The smooth texture feels great and
has done wonders for my skin. I wash my hands a lot because of my job and with
just a small amount of the butter, my hands are rejuvenated. Its great and
doesn't leave a greasy feel. Recommend this product to anyone interested in
staying natural and trying to avoid chemicals.

Erica D.

I love my hoodie! The Quality is
great and when it's not 110 degrees here in Houston, I can't wait to rock it!!!

Sadiyah E.

Peace and Blessings, this is the best coffee I ever had. It is so smooth that you can drink it without a sweetener or milk. I will be ordering more very soon.Mxodus Coffee

Christina T.

I will need to get some more of this. Everyone
in the family enjoyed this scent much more than the others. However, I enjoy
all of them but this was a hit at home .Dragon’s Blood Sage