Chakra Pendant

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As proven by experts and ancient chakra practitioners, an imbalance in one's flow of chakra can be caused by one's everyday stresses, losses, and life problems in general... But one should also be aware that this could go the other way around resulting in a never-ending loop of negativity.


This Chakra Orgone Necklace helps keep your chakra balance in check as it contains natural properties that emit intense positive frequencies proven to help maintain balance in your chakra flow. 

  • Actively Repels Dormant & Negative Energy.
  • ​Alleviates Stress & Anxiety
  • Protects You Against Harmful EMF Waves (5G, WiFi, Cell towers, etc).
  • ​​​Aids With Spiritual & Psychological Healing.
  • ​​Promotes A Restful Sleep.
  • ​Strengthen Intentions And Visualizations.
A balance in one's chakra flow leads to a hopeful and positive sensation, whilst helping you feel calm as it eases your mind to promote better sleep.  

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