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Chakra Pointed Pendant

Chakra Pointed Pendant

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Trusted, proven, and harnessed by ancient practitioners worldwide, this handcrafted spiritual medium helps promotes mental clarity, good health, luck, and healing to its bearer.

Suspended from a stainless steel chain, this necklace is designed to bring balance to one's inner chi and chakra. Each naturally-sourced Chakra Pendant helps bring tranquility, enlightenment, and harmony one's mind, body and spirit.
  • ​Proven To Balance Every Single Chakra Points From Crown To Root.
  • ​Promotes Better Concentration & Mental Clarity.
  • ​​​Aids In Spiritual And Psychological Healing.
  • ​​Helps Promote Harmony With One's Social Relationships.
  • ​Naturally Sourced & Handcrafted.


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