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Mango Butter 7oz

Mango Butter 7oz

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Discover the tropical answer to skincare with mango butter. Mango butter is extracted from the de-shelled fruit kernels of the mango tree. It has natural emollient properties; high oxidative ability; wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponifiable; an extract that softens the skin and reduces scars. It also has a protective effect against UV radiation.

Mango butter is full of vitamins and has skin-repairing, moisturizing, strengthening, and plumping properties. Mango butter is often compared to shea and cocoa butter for its moisturizing qualities, which is moisturizing without being greasy. It goes well with any type of essential oil, moisturizes without leaving a greasy film, and its high melting point makes it perfect for use in hot weather.


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